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✅ Keyword research:
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✅ Web’s Structure Analysis

✅ Web Remodelling (Light)

✅ Technical audit

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✅ Link profile audit

❌ Content plan

❌ Content elaboration

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History and achievements


Milloret SEO agency started its business on July, 23 2009 when the domain name had been registered. [Info]


Milloret LTD is a European SEO agency, it is registered in the UK (company number 12183044) and operates from Spain, United Kingdom and Latvia. [Info]


More than 1200 positive reviews combined on eBay[Link], Freelancer[Link], Fiverr[Link], Google[Link]


Our agency is presented on since November, 22 2012. [Info]


Milloret works on since June 2013. [Info]


Milloret opened operations on eBay on November, 17 2010. Current results: 959 reviews with 100% positive feedback. [Info]


1. Introduction

Before we talk about SEO services in Europe let’s make a little introduction. This article is for people who have small, medium, or large businesses. It focuses on the expansion of Internet sales. Potentially every company in Europe, America, or Asia with a website is interested in selling more and making the business grow by means of online contacts and leads. But in this ocean of millions of websites, it’s getting harder and harder to gain a place under the sun.

Most businesses get frustrated in the first months after building their brand websites
and lose hope to sell online. This happens because having made a website a business owner thinks that the only thing that he has to do is wait for orders. In the best-case scenario, they do some advertising or publish some information about their companies in business directories or on some specialized websites. It doesn’t work this way. In order to gain traffic, conversion, and sales your website must be the best of 1,000, 10,000, or even 100,000 competitors. Yes, it seems difficult, even impossible, but it isn’t! SEO agencies and SEO companies in Europe and worldwide know that a set of particular actions applied to your website can give it a boost that you have never dreamed of. Success depends on the right choice of an SEO agency and your budget

2. Internet Usage in the European Union

Great! After the introduction, you understand that the future is bright.
Since you have a website it can potentially sell your products and services, let’s make it clear how to start.
First of all, we should explore the European digital market in order to choose countries and niches to aim for.
According to Internet World Stats, there were 461,255,831 Internet users in the European Union in 2019. Pretty much every one of them could be your potential client. The biggest Internet users in Europe are:

Germany – 79.127.551 Internet users

United Kingdom – 63.544.106 Internet users

France – 60.421.689 Internet users

Italy – 54.798.299 Internet users

Spain – 42.961.230  Internet users

An Internet user doesn’t mean a shopper. Let’s dive deeper. We need customers. To get more precise information we headed to explore the volume of the e-commerce market in Europe.
According to Ecommerce News Europe e-commerce in Europe is forecast at €621,000,000,000 in 2019. It’s enough, right? And the market is growing. In 2018 the figure was €547,000,000,000. How to get your part of this big pie?
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3. Differences in SEO services across various countries

It is also very important to understand that each of the European countries is unique, and you cannot use the same strategy for Germany, France, or Spain, for example. It is mostly related to different cultures, linguistic perceptions, and traditions. A very solid example: we created ads in Spanish for Spain and some Spanish-speaking Latin American countries.

Ads that are successful in Argentina or Mexico are completely ignored in Spain and vice versa! This is very interesting, given the fact that they were equal. This shows how important cultural peculiarities are.

Let’s make a more detailed analysis of SEO services in the main European countries.

4. SEO Services in Germany

First of all, to reap the benefits of SEO service in Germany you should have your website translated into German. Otherwise, you have no chance of ranking in local search engines. SEO service in German also means European service since the German language is widely used throughout Europe – in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and other countries. If you aim for Germany, it’s better to have a domain name with the .de extension, such as If you are not an SEO professional, you’d need to contact a German SEO agency. Let’s see how to do it. In order to get an idea of which German SEO companies are best, we took into consideration the prices and their authority. We can’t speak about quality because we don’t have information about it. So we typed the search term SEO agency in German – “SEO Agentur” – into the German and checked the first 3 SEO companies.

Similarweb ( – Global Rank 1.326.731, Country rank (Germany) – 81.839

Alexa ( – Global Rank 248.619

Similarweb ( – Global Rank 2.566.052, Country rank (Germany) – 162.258

Alexa ( – Global Rank 1.164.868

Similarweb ( – Global Rank – No Rank, Country rank (Germany) – No Rank

Alexa ( – Global Rank – No Rank
We have come to the conclusion that has more authority than the other 2 companies. So we’d recommend you to contract this SEO agency.
Our SEO agency Milloret also provides SEO services for Germany and in the German language. 

5. SEO Services in the United Kingdom

SEO services in the United Kingdom are a bit different from those in other European countries. First of all, because they are in English. According to 20% of the Earth’s population speaks English. It means that information from many countries can appear in UK search results. On the other hand SEO agencies not only from Europe but from any country can provide SEO services for the United Kingdom. There are a few methods to target just UK search results: register a UK domain name e.g. and get backlinks only from UK-based websites. Let’s check who are the leaders among British SEO agencies. We typed “SEO agency UK” into and got the following top companies:

Similarweb ( – Global Rank 9.216.106, Country rank (UK) – 766.112

Alexa ( – Global Rank 980.293

Similarweb ( – Global Rank 906.229, Country rank (UK) – 65.093

Alexa ( – Global Rank 321.564

Similarweb ( – Global Rank 7.642.880, Country rank (UK) – 820.084

Alexa ( – Global Rank 767.139

So the most authoritative SEO company of the 3 agencies mentioned above is

Our SEO agency Milloret Ltd. has an HQ in London UK, so this market is native for us. 

6. SEO Services in France

According to our experience (we have been dedicated to European SEO services since 2009), the French SEO market is one of the most closed to the rest of the world. Though the French language is widely used in the world – in France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Canada, and many countries of Africa, you’d hardly find many European SEO agencies offering SEO in French. We don’t know why, but it is highly likely connected to the cultural features of the French people. It goes without saying that in order to be ranked in France it is recommended to use a domain with the .fr extension. Let’s explore the situation of SEO agencies from France. We used the search term “agence de référencement” to get the relevant information from

Similarweb ( – Global Rank 590.777, Country rank (France) – 25.981

Alexa ( – Global Rank 412.999

Similarweb ( – Global Rank 891.221, Country rank (France) – 45.261

Alexa ( – Global Rank 169.162

Similarweb ( – Global Rank 21.495.187, Country rank (France) – 1.538.374

Alexa ( – Global Rank 2.797.822

You can also order services of French SEO with us!

7. SEO Services in Italy

The main difference between Italian SEO services and other European SEO services is that they are provided in Italian which is used practically only in Italy. Very few people outside Italy need SEO services in Italian, only companies or individuals who export to the Italian market. If you need to be ranked on Italian Google, register a domain with the .it extension. Let’s see which Italian SEO agencies are worth contracting. To fulfil this research we used the Italian search term “agenzia seo” and took the results of the top 3 SEO companies ranked on

Similarweb ( – Global Rank 8.050.229, Country rank (Italy) – 456.695

Alexa ( – Global Rank – No Rank

Similarweb ( – Global Rank 5.178.491, Country rank (Italy) – 219.005

Alexa ( – Global Rank – 111.431

Similarweb ( – Global Rank NO, Country rank (Italy) – NO

Alexa ( – Global Rank – NO

As we see, the strongest Italian SEO agency is

You can also order Italian SEO services from us!

8. SEO Services in Spain

SEO services in Spain are provided in Spanish which is widely used around the world. A high number of countries in America use this language, including the USA and Mexico. Both countries are larger than Spain. If you have a domain name registered in an international domain zone such as with the .com extension, your SEO efforts in Spanish would yield success not only in Spain, but almost worldwide. If you need to focus on the Spanish market, you have to register a domain name with the .es extension. As in the previous cases, we would like to know which Spanish SEO agencies could be contracted. We used the phrase “agencia seo” and typed it into Spanish Google. Here are the top 3 results:

Similarweb ( – Global Rank 2.354.564, Country rank (Spain) – 93.105

Alexa ( – Global Rank – 1.301.189

Similarweb ( – Global Rank 2.077.205, Country rank (Spain) – 66.832

Alexa ( – Global Rank – 3.248.578

Similarweb ( – Global Rank 1.888.632, Country rank (Spain) – 89.700

Alexa ( – Global Rank – 230.028

It’s clear that the most authoritative is

The Spanish language is one in which our SEO agency specializes.

9. Our approach

This is a very common scenario when we are given an SEO project right after the client started executing his business in one of the countries of Europe.
Since 2009 our employees have gained a lot of professional knowledge and experience reaching a high level in the SEO industry. We have worked on more than 1,000 projects and obtained positive and expected results for pretty much all the sites under our supervision.
During our SEO work, we don’t focus only on the basics such as link building, content marketing or website optimization. We look further – we set goals which the client wants to reach. We study the essentials of each unique business and try to find the best tactics to empower the specific project which was given to us.
If you want to start optimizing your site for the highly competitive European market, you must always take into account some basic starting points:

  • How much time each visitor spends on your pages
  • The loading speed of your site
  • The bounce rate
  • Broken internal links and correct metadata.

We pay a lot of attention to these details and, luckily, can avoid the standard errors people tend to make when trying to execute a successful SEO campaign for several European countries at once.
If you are confident about your service, have a well-working website, and have the will to improve your sales, we are the right option for your SEO needs. And despite the fact that the process of promoting websites in Europe is not simple, it is possible with trusted specialists.
Our team of experts can deeply analyse your website and will present you with the most effective strategies for success on Google.

Here are some basic steps that we take while executing our SEO projects:

  • We find the keywords which define your commercial interest
  • We prepare a report that shows all the project metrics in real time
  • We make a very rigorous analysis of your website that includes approximately 50 factors that can influence your positions on Google
  • We fix the errors and warnings that were detected on your website
  • We produce external SEO factors – local directories, promotional blog articles, and more

We provide SEO services in the following countries

SEO Albania
SEO Andorra
SEO Austria
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SEO Belarus
SEO Belgium
SEO Bosnia and Herzegovina
SEO Bulgaria
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