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SEO in Asia is a bit different from search engine optimization being conducted in Europe or America. Our company has a big experience in this sphere. Since 2009 we have successfully managed around 100 SEO projects in the countries of Asia. Among them, there are websites from Japan, China, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, India, Israel, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Turkey, and others. The main difficulty when dealing with the websites from Asian countries is that their content is written in languages absolutely unknown to Europeans or Americans. They even can’t read a letter from any text since the Asian alphabets have characters which have nothing to do with Latin ones.

The other difficulty is that doing SEO for Asia the IT specialists have to make the link building.

Here you face again the problem called SEO Asia. The case is that publishing backlinks for Asian websites is impossible as it is usually done by western SEO agencies. The main problem is that an anchor text in a backlink can’t even be implemented in the page codes of western websites since it would be read incorrectly. The other problem is that around 90% of the world websites where it is possible to build a backlink are western pages, so finding places to put a backlink is a top complicated task. The last problem is that analysing and rectifying the codes of your clients’ web pages is also very hard due to the absence of the language knowledge. We have successfully resolved all mentioned problems.

Our company has a network of hundreds of Asian websites which give us an opportunity to publish backlinks according to the target country and language of our clients. Our own technology of on-page works allows making website optimization practically in any language. SEO Asia is our niche where we work almost 7 years though we are a European company. If you have any questions or doubts about this theme please contact us.

SEO service in the countries of Asia

Our team offers the SEO service (search engine optimization in Google) for the countries of Asia:

Afghanistan –
Armenia –
Bahrain –
Bangladesh –
Bhutan –
Brunei –
Cambodia –
Hong Kong –
India –
Indonesia –
Iraq –
Israel –
Japan –

Jordan –
Kuwait –
Kyrgyzstan –
Laos –
Lebanon –
Malaysia –
Maldives –
Mongolia –
Nepal –
Oman –
Pakistan –
Palestine –
Philippines –

Qatar –
Saudi Arabia –
Singapore –
South Korea –
Sri Lanka –
Taiwan –
Tajikistan –
Thailand –
Timor-Leste –
Turkmenistan –
United Arab Emirates –
Uzbekistan –
Vietnam –

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