A deep dive into buying SEO services

The purpose of this article is to fully understand the issue of how to buy SEO services. If you are reading this article, it means that you already have an understanding of what an SEO service is and we do not need to dwell on explaining this concept.

Let’s go step by step. First of all, what question should a potential SEO buyer ask? Probably, he will be interested in how reliable the seller will be and whether he will be able to provide the service at the required level. How to check it?

Most likely, you should start by typing the phrase buy SEO services in the search box and see the results. It is logical that companies that provide SEO services and appear in the first ten search results are well versed in their business since they turned out to be so much higher than their competitors. The second consideration that stems from this fact is that these companies value their positions on Google, and they got there not to deceive buyers, but to make stable money for a long time.

Keep in mind that we’re looking at companies that appear in search results at numbers 1-10, and not advertisements that sometimes show above organic results. It is clear that it is much riskier to contact agencies found through an advertisement, as these can be one-day companies that are poorly experienced in SEO.

You should also keep in mind what market your business or resource is oriented to since it´s important which country the SEO agency should be from. For example, if your site is entirely in English and is focused on the United Kingdom, then it would be quite logical to hire an SEO company from the UK. However, keep in mind that it is not always possible to determine which country your future partner is from. On many sites on the contact page, you will not find a physical address, it is clear that we do not recommend dealing with such agencies. Some people indicate a phone number in their contact details, but without a physical address, this number does not mean anything, it can forward calls to any country in the world.

Next, you should decide what kind of SEO services you need. If you are just going to create your website, then you need to start with the semantic core of the site, that is, the selection of the main and secondary keywords for which you would like to receive traffic from search engines. Then you will need to design the site structure, which will be based on the developed semantic core. You will also need copywriters who will create content for the future site. The content will have to comply with the previously adopted plan in terms of structure and semantic core.

If your site is already set up, then it is likely that you will need the services described above, as well as a number of other services. An important point for each site is the degree of its technical optimization and the absence of programming errors and other errors. A technically inferior site will have little chance of ranking high in search engines, as they don’t want to show low-quality resources to customers.

And one more component that will be required from the SEO company is a link-building service for your site. There are a lot of SEO agencies on the Internet that offer nothing more than link building, we advise you to stay away from them, as they are poorly versed in what SEO is and can ruin your project altogether. Creating a low-quality link profile can lead to a site ban and the loss of all the positions it has achieved.

So, you have decided what kind of SEO service you need. What’s next? Now let’s type the buy SEO services query we are interested in in the Google search line and compile a table of prospective SEO agencies, from which we will need to choose the most suitable one.

Since we represent an SEO company from London, we will use the services of the site google.co.uk Please note that if you access google.co.uk from outside the UK, the results will differ from what you see here. However, this will not play a big role, because. the algorithm for searching and selecting a company will remain.

We don’t take into account results that start with an ad, that is, advertising. We also do not take into account the results that are not websites of SEO companies. We will consider only those SEO agencies that offer to buy their SEO services and indicate prices for them, otherwise, the analysis will be impossible. The list of analysed agencies is as follows:

It is worth noting right away that many SEO agencies do not indicate what exactly is included in the package. They offer the user to fill out a contact form and only then receive all the necessary clarifications. This, of course, is not convenient. There are a huge number of offers to buy an SEO service, and the consumer has no interest in waiting for a response from one of the SEO companies if he can get all the necessary information online in a matter of minutes.

So, let’s look at the offers of 8 SEO agencies listed in the table. Almost every website contains a large amount of information and it hardly makes sense to read everything, especially since the customer often does not understand the terms used. In our opinion, the most optimal approach would be to choose those SEO companies that present their service in the clearest and most transparent way. With that in mind, let’s only look at agencies that indicate the number of keywords they intend to work with.

There are 5 such offers out of 8 on the list. From the “Price/Keyword (£)” column, you can see what price each SEO agency charges in terms of one keyword. The price ranges from £10.18 to £39.31. The offer at £39.31 can be dismissed immediately, as it clearly stands out from the crowd. The rest of the proposals are similar. What will be the next selection criterion to decide who to buy an SEO service from? Three of the remaining companies have a well-defined offer for their services. These are companies with prices of 10.18, 15.8 and 12.33 pounds per word. An SEO company with a price of 11.05 does not explain in several ways what exactly is included in their package. In addition, as it turned out, this agency is based in India, which may not be very convenient for the customer for many reasons. We have 3 agencies left, from which we have to choose an SEO service provider.


With the price of the SEO services of these agencies, everything is more or less clear, but how to understand what the quality of these services will be? We cannot get a direct question on this question, so we will try to get the necessary information in an indirect way. First of all, we need to make sure how authoritative the website of each company is. Let’s see.

The table shows that Webfx clearly outperforms its competitors in all respects. However, this agency offers to buy a 100 keyword SEO service, which is quite expensive and perhaps too much for a small client. Therefore, if your website is small and your budget is limited, then it seems logical to choose from the remaining two SEO companies. Their authority scores are about the same, but Yourseoshop was only created a year ago, which does not give much confidence in the results of their work.