Web design & Hosting

Sometimes, we see a situation, where our clients do not have the right platforms to realize their online business ideas.

Or, a slightly different scenario, they do have the platform but is very outdated, not responsive, monolingual or has more problems that can not be solved without a complete rebuilding of the site.

If the client never had a personal business site before, he might encounter another problem, such as lack of hosting; which is one more service we offer. We are collaborating with one of the largest companies in the global web hosting market. The hosting service we provide includes the two most essential features – speed and stability.

Web Design

Our Web Design offer includes – 

  • Most modern CMS
  • Adjustable for all screen resolutions 
  • Good loading speed
  • Clean code which goes along with SEO guidelines
  • Close cooperation with the client to develop the ideal product in the way it was planned

Web hosting

Web Hosting by Milloret – 

  • The price is only $50 for 12 months!
  • Speed and stability are guaranteed by our affiliate, which can be found in the list of the most viable worldwide hosting providers
  • Stats & personalized email service
  • FTP, MySQL, and more crucial technologies for launching a modern web project 

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