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Milloret was founded in 2009. Since that time we made more than 1000 projects

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The Trust

I understand that one of the crucial things for customers is trust. Before one decides to contract a company he needs to be sure that the company meets all his requirements and provides him with the best product for the price he paid. Therefore I’d like to tell you about our company for you to be able to make your own judgment based on facts.

Our History

The year 2009-2010

Milloret is a family business. Our company had been founded in 2009. In 2019 we celebrated 10 years.

We started with designing simple websites and search engine optimization for real estate agencies in Spain.

Since then we have passed a big way. In 2010, we created an account on eBay that gave us a significant impulse for growth. Now we have more than 900 reviews on eBay with 100% positive feedback. 


In 2010 the number of companies offering SEO services on eBay was rather low and our company managed to get first-line positions in the eBay search engine. That helped us to get many customers from more than 20 countries. Some of them are our customers nowadays. In that period search engine optimization was not as complicated as it is now.

Sometimes it was enough just to build backlinks to get high rankings for our clients. As time passed Google became more and more sophisticated. We needed to know more and we have learnt a lot. 

The year 2011-2013

In 2012, we created an account with Freelancer.com, it was another correct and successful step towards further growth.


Compared with eBay it was a different experience. We faced big competition from Indian and other Asian SEO companies which offered services for a low price. The style of Freelancer.com is completely different from that of eBay. You need to place bids among dozens of competitors to get just single order.

It is very complicated and frustrating. In order to succeed you need to be much better than the other people trying to get the client. There are two ways: go slowly and collect positive feedback and pass sophisticated exams to get beautiful badges to show on your profile. We did both things.

Currently, we have 7 badges like “Preferred Freelancer Program”, “Google Webmaster” and “SEO”.

The history of our company was closely connected with the history of Google. Because it’s a positive attitude to our clients was and is now our principal goal. We were going with Google side by side meaning that we had to keep our knowledge of Google’s algorithms at a high level. If you are not a newbie to the SEO world you know how many drastic changes all SEO agencies suffered during these years.

The falling quality of Google’s search results and the rise of the “content farm” business model became a reason to create the Panda algorithm. It was dedicated to detecting actually useful content and show it on the first lines of Google’s search results instead of rubbish content created for robots and frequently by robots.

It was a great challenge for our company. Many of our clients lost positions since they didn’t pay much attention to the quality of content. We had to work hard to help them optimize content, create a new one, optimize old texts, etc. As a result, we continued to grow to receive a new valuable experience.

In 2012, Google officially launched the Penguin SPAM algorithm update, which targeted link spam and manipulative link-building practices. It was another shock to the SEO world. The major part of SEO agencies used link building as the main leverage to grow the rankings of their clients. A great number of services were specialized in creating backlinks. In the absence of Google controlling those enormous quantities of low-quality backlinks brought chaos to rankings and Google had to change the situation. It affected our business as well. 

We reviewed our strategy of link building towards choosing highly relevant and authoritative websites with traffic which could become a natural source of traffic for our clients. Those backlinks could not cause penalization from Google and gave a real effect on rankings. In 2013, Google created another algorithm – Hummingbird.

It was one more revolution in the search industry. Before Hummingbird one could find search results output which was exactly equal to what was put to the Google search box. Later with the Hummingbird switched on the search results changed drastically. The core difference was that Google showed not just a selection of websites, but a direct answer to a question that was expected by users. It was the beginning of the usage of Artificial Intellect to interpret what a visitor expects to find in Google with this search term. In 2013 another important thing happened:

Google removed Page Rank from public availability. It served as a measure of website authority but with time became a matter of speculation of link builders and brought more negative things to the process than positive ones.

The year 2014-2020

In the previous years, Google had made several drastic changes to its algorithms which changed SEO business and search results forever. Now we can see that those changes were well thought out and created to work well for many years. Modern Google has not suffered fundamental changes since 2013.

The quality of search results is rather high. Google’s team still works on improvements but they are just polishing great algorithms. This fact is a sign for SEO companies of the correct way to work with their clients.

The time of the scam, low-quality content, and false backlinks have gone forever. A time for professionals has come.

Our agency Milloret is offering high-quality up-to-date SEO service which includes a professional audit of websites, structure, content, user experience and backlinks profile optimization. We write relevant articles and publish them on relevant high authority websites. We invite you to use our big experience and European approach to grow your business, traffic and success!

Dimitri Ledok

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