The best SEO agencies in London

Our goal is to detect the best SEO companies in London. We don’t possess all the data of SEO agencies because they are confidential therefore the only way to select the leaders of the sector is to use open data that can be found on the Internet. Our approach would be to analyse the TOP-10 results of Google search for the key phrase “SEO Services London”. We use software created by Link Assistant that has a number of tools permitting us to fulfil practically any kind of website analysis. We put TOP-10 Google results to Link Assistant’s software and got the following information. First, the keyword SEO Services London has a difficulty of 42.8 of 100, which means a medium level. Below, you can see the list that consists of the best websites according to Google’s opinion. According to the data obtained by software, every website has a number of characteristics that can be used as a measure of a website’s strength or authority.

It’s clearly seen that it’s impossible to highlight any parameters that give a guarantee of high rankings on Google. The page strength of the top websites is ranged from 6.9 to 71.1. The page strength is a complicated index composed of many factors like domain age, number of linking domains, etc. Obviously, this index can’t be the only to detect which website is the best. Let’s look at the results. We can notice that the website number #4 has a very low indicator of the website strength. Let’s check another important piece of information – the number of pages indexed by Google. It’s possible to see it using a special command in Google’s search window: “site:name of website”:

  • – 422 pages
  • – 106 pages
  • – 63 pages
  • – 849 pages
  • – 32 pages
  • – 297 pages
  • – 340 pages
  • – 306.000 pages

Again, we see that is far from leadership, it has just 63 pages indexed by Google. The only website that is worse is with 32 pages. But the last has a high page strength – 47.8. How could get such a high position in Google’s results? Let’s think about it. The first factor that occurs is the content quality, we can’t imagine anything else that could affect the rankings so positively. Feature of their content: very large and detailed first page, as well as links from the first page to their blog articles on all SEO topics. Articles are written approximately once a month. Articles are big enough, for example, “Powerful tips for writing content that can generate leads” has 2300 words. The name of the article itself says that the website owners try to beat their competitors by means of content marketing and they have succeeded. We have read the article, it cannot be said that it is a masterpiece, but informative. Here is a conclusion: of course, we can’t definitely say which company is the best but deserves attention, they managed to get a high place in Google’s top results in spite of the low authority of a domain and lower quantity of backlinking domains. They could create content that has placed them in the leading rankings.