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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - at the moment is a whole branch of business, which involved a lot of money. In this article I will try to discover the concept of SEO such as it looks from the perspective of the world's largest search engine - Google, giving explanations as to work in the SEO industry adhering to the principles and recommendations of Google and our own capabilities in this area.

The main objective of the Google search engine is to provide users with high-quality, useful and relevant information, in strict accordance with the order, which information the visitor wants to receive, hence all the algorithms and computational power of the search giant are set to. The first task is to define what a visitor looks for or wants to get. The keywords tool serves to solve the task. For example a visitor wants to find the most solid SEO company to enter into a contract with it to promote his own site.A site visitor by typing in the search box “SEO Company” tells the search engine to show the results, more exactly to show the extract of all the information stored in the database of Google about a SEO company which is the most solid, reliable, and actually provides its services.

To solve this problem Google must determine the reliability and relevance of information on those sites that will be placed on the top row of the first page of search results. A difficult task. Google uses over 200 factors to rank sites. First, it must determine the relevance of the client's request to the information contained on this site. In practice, this means that the site name, title, main headings and upper parts contain textual information, or words and phrases that exactly match the target query of visitor, or synonyms or closely related to the topic words and phrases. But this is only part of the problem.

Ususally there are several millions or more such sites; how to detect the most solid and interesting among them for the customer?
The mere presence of keywords on a web site does not mean that the information is of high quality. The search engine needs to check how much the information is useful, complete, original and timely. To do this, Google uses more subtle tools of analysis. To publish all of them here is impossible, but it is necessary to mention some.At first search engine checks to see whether the information is copied (just stolen) from other resource, secondly the information should be fresh and thirdly it must fully disclose the issue raised by the client.

I think that SEO professionals involved in the promotion of a site, who managed to fulfill things subject to the conditions outlined above have already achieved considerable success.However, even after such a selection in the results of Google you will see, if not millions, then thousands of sites that meet the demands voiced.

How do you decide which ones are the most mattered and valuable to the customer and are worthy of space at the first page of Google?
Further, the factor of solidity comes into the game.Google determines the reliability of the resource on several grounds. First - the time of site creation, the older the site, the more confidence it has, the second - total amount of information published on this site, the third - stability of the site, ie how stable the site adheres to the chosen subject, not whether it passed repeatedly from hand to hand, from one server to another, and so on, the fourth - how stable the site is developing in terms of adding and updating of information and the fifth, and in our opinion the most important - how many and which sites refer to it.

What means a "link"? This means that any site publishing information on related subjects, may not have its own information and has to scoop it out of third-party sources. Such a source may be your resource. In this case, the referring site, if it adheres to the principles of integrity, will not copy information from your website, simply set the link by clicking on which a visitor can see the original text. The number of such links determines how valuable your site is for visitors.
However, Google analyzes very carefully, which sites link to your site. If the links are sponsored or are the links from low quality websites it is possible that your resource can be penalized by way of exception from the search results.Of course, in this article there are only general principles of SEO, in fact, SEO company should just master an art to please the client with the results of promotion.One of the most difficult tasks for a SEO specialist is achieve the volume and quality reference weight for your site. Frankly, it is almost beyond the power of an amateur, and that's why the SEO business exists.

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