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YANDEX is the largest search engine of Russia with a market share of more than 60%. Below there is the data on the other search engines and their shares in the market of Russia (2011):

Yandex - 62%
Google - 26%
Mail - 6%
Rambler - 3%

According to independent international analytical service the website is 23th among the largest websites in the world, and the Russian branch Google - is only the 41th. (12/06/2011).

If your company is interested in promoting their goods and services via the Internet among Russian-speaking clients, you can not do without promoting your site in Yandex.
Besides Russia, Yandex has a leading position in the following countries:

Ukraine -
Belarus -
Kazakhstan -

In recent years, actively develops the international search engine system, which aims to compete with the major search engines around the world.

We have extensive experience in the field of SEO in the system Yandex.
We suggest you join the ranks of satisfied customers who have several years of using our services. Technology advancement in Yandex differs significantly from the technology used in Google, so companies that have no Russian experts in your state generally can not achieve significant results.
We are located in Spain, but the main part of its employees are Russians.

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