New Service: Professional Management of your Social Media

We will prepare a strategic plan, post schedule, and 30 high-quality publications for your business account

Why you need this service?

- Today is crucial for any business getting social media presence. It's easy to register yourself, but few people understand how to manage social pages and what kind of information to publish. Our professional service will help you to increase social media engagements, attract new customers and increase your income in the long run.

What does this offer include:

1) Strategic plan development
2) Post schedule elaboration
3) 30 publications during one month

- 10 entertaining posts
- 10 educational posts
- 10 advertising posts

Presentation method:

- 6 text posts
- 6 picture posts
- 6 video posts
- 6 animation posts
- 6 infographics
“Your content must be so good that it makes the user want to tell all of his or her friends about it”

- Neil Patel

We will manage one channel of your choice during one month for $470:

Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Twitter Pinterest Instagram ... and more

Buy the service (you will be taken to PayPal payment page):

Do you have questions? Contact us via info@milloret.com or this contact form
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