Service for publishing articles in foreign languages

Those who are professionally engaged in website promotion know that one of the most important factors in high ranking in search engines is the presence of a large number of links to the website being promoted.

There are thousands of companies offering this service. This business has its own characteristics in each country. For example, in Asian countries, you will be offered to buy a huge number of links cheaply. The proposal will be nicely packaged and named something floridly like a “three-dimensional pyramid” or something like that. In fact, this is an attempt to solve the problem with the “cheap and cheerful” method. Our agency has been engaged in SEO since 2009 and has repeatedly witnessed clients coming to us and experiencing the “beneficial” effects of the actions described above. In fact, a pyramid of links is camouflaged spam that can lead to a site ban or a sharp drop in traffic and search engine rankings. Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex or Baidu have long pursued policies against this practice of artificially ranking sites, and their algorithms are quite capable of catching and punishing violators. If you think logically, it becomes clear that any site owner can buy links for himself, this does not require a lot of money or intelligence. There are hundreds of thousands of such seekers of happiness, and maybe more. Naturally, search engines cannot afford to litter their search results with such sites.

Google, like other major search engines, takes into account links located on serious resources surrounded by any useful and relevant information regarding issues relevant to the topic of the page they link to.

It is not an easy task to get such a link. Agency CEOs tackle this problem in a variety of ways. Some find relevant resources and turn to them with a request to place a pre-prepared article with a link to the client’s website, or they are looking for previously published articles that link to non-existent pages and offer their own page instead of the one that has disappeared. This method is not bad, but it is very labor intensive. Usually, there are very few responses to such letters. Other agencies use link exchanges, which often offer posting of articles with links. Here there is a danger that as a result the client may receive a link from a spammed resource, which was created specifically for the purpose of selling links.

We take a different approach. Over the years, we have met a large number of publicists who provide their sites for posting articles on almost any topic and in several languages. At the moment we can publish articles for clients in English, Spanish, Russian, German, French and Italian. Articles will be posted on quality resources with high metrics and authority indicators that can be easily checked using independent services such as Semrush, Alexa, MOZ, Alexa, etc.

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