SEO tips for new websites

This publication is intended for all planning to create a new website or those who have just done it and do not know how to deal with SEO.

The first thing to be clear about is that in the world of organic SEO, there are two main protagonists: the user and Google. 

Google has to be able to read your website easily; it has to approve it, and only then will the user factor come into play.

So, let’s start first with protagonist 1: Google.

Become Google’s friend

You’ve just entered the game; you must get Google to notice you. One of the best ways to get their attention is to register your website using the tools that Google itself offers: Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google my Business. 

Also, considering that your website is very green, it is essential to give it an extra boost through backlinks. Get other websites much stronger than you to write about you and link to your website. This way, your website will gain authority and power. 

We must understand, however, that getting good free backlinks, having just created the website, will be practically impossible, so try to designate at least a part of your budget to link building.

Don’t forget about on-page SEO, check that the website is technically well prepared, and use audits to discover technical and optimization flaws. Apart from being free, plug-ins such as Yoast SEO are also beneficial to knowing the level of optimization of your pages. Remember, it should not be a problem for Google and its bots to understand your content.

As you make friends with Google, prepare your website for the user because the user is not only someone who might buy from you but also a crucial factor in SEO positioning. 

Capture the user’s attention

Google requires websites to meet the demands of the user who is searching entirely. The website the user likes the most has a great chance of taking first place. It is enough to see how long the user stayed on the website and the interactions that took place to determine user satisfaction with a website. The longer the time and the greater the number of interactions, the better!

To get the user interested in the content you have prepared, you must capture their attention quickly. It is very important to show them that your website is worth their valuable time, either visually with a nice and unique design, your own images/explanatory videos, or with elements that prove the experience and seriousness of the company. Complements such as quality certificates, awards, physical address of the company, links to social networks of the company (etc.) will make the user see that this is a serious business. However, the effort will be in vain if you do not accompany all these attributes with good content. 

The written content is the key to pleasing both Google and the surfer. 

Try to personalize your content, be different from others, and offer your own style. 

Prioritize easy reading with words and concepts familiar to the user—detailed content, but avoid irrelevant information. 

Don’t write to fill space! You will bore the reader, the really valuable information will get lost among so many words, and you will also annoy Google bots, which can evaluate the quality and exclusivity of the content.

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