SEO Case Study

7 years have passed since we started our cooperation with our respected client from China who owns the website

His business is dedicated to helping foreign buyers with their shopping on one of the most powerful market places in the world: According to is in top-10 of the most popular world websites. 

This website is published in the Chinese language and therefore it is not available for shoppers from other countries. The idea of our client was to create a service which would specialize in providing shopping and shipping services from Taobao in English. Thus our task was to optimise and promote our client’s website for the following keywords:

taobao english

taobao english version

shop taobao

taobao agent


When we started the website of our client was on another domain: Then it was not ranked on Google and was absolutely unknown to the potential customers. During a time we managed to bring the client’s website to the top positions on Google for the keywords mentioned above. Later our customer decided to change the domain name to the actual one

It was a challenge for us because we had to follow the same way as we did with the previous domain. We understood that it was not a simple task, according to our experience which started in 2009 we faced many situations when websites owners lost their traffic and clients after having changed the domain name. Of course, the famous redirect 301 exist and in theory, one can transfer all the power of his previous domain name to the new one but sometimes it fails and happens frequently.  Thus, the domain name was changed and we faced a drastic dropping of rankings on Google. Simply, all the rankings had been lost.

On the following image, you can see a history of rankings since January 2020 when the operation took place. 

As you can see in February 2020 the rankings have been restored. The line of rankings is not very stable and sometimes drop as it was in June 2020. It can happen because Google has 200 factors to measure websites and assign rankings. From time to time Google changes its algorithms that could provoke tsunami in SERPs. We faced several times drastic drops in rankings, including our own website but managed to restore everything as it is seen on the image. Currently, the rankings of our client are quite high:

What is necessary to do to gain and keep high rankings of our clients? I would say we have several basic things:

  1. OVERALL QUALITY Keep the overall quality of the website on a high level. It means we regularly check all the parameters of our clients’ websites, like user experience, download speed, coding errors, bounce rate and many others. This audit is being fulfilled weekly. Our specialists make corresponding changes and rectifications of the found problems.
  2. SEARCH TERMS OPTIMISATION We are regularly looking for new keywords and optimise the website pages to make them more relevant to the selected search terms. This includes not only coding but also creating new content such as engaging texts, images and videos.
  3. OFF-PAGE PROMOTION On-page works can’t be enough to get high rankings on Google. Any website needs external promotion. The main way for external promotion in SEO is link building.

We have elaborated a system that permits to determine which website would be a good place to put a backlink for our client. We have analysed hundreds of websites and now have a list where we can select the best and relevant places for our clients.

Below we show examples of our approach regarding every of 3 main basic SEO things we do.


Below, you can see an example of our weekly audit made for our client. Every big website can have hundreds and even thousands of errors. It happens because of the huge number of products presented, a big number of textual and other materials which stop working for some reason causing a number of errors throughout the website.

Our task is to rectify the errors as soon as possible because they may negatively affect the rankings.


Now we are working with 5 keywords:

taobao english version

taobao english 

shop taobao

taobao agent


All the keywords have a big number of monthly searches and consequently high traffic. 

But we should always be searching for new possibilities. Till now, we were focused on “taobao” theme but let´s not forget that the website of our client is a big market place and can be ranked on any products or categories keywords.  The best hint while making keywords research is Google Console. It shows which keywords the website is currently ranked for and which keywords could give the maximum traffic. Especially we should be interested in the positions on the second and third pages of Google since sometimes it´s not that difficult to move then to the top. After the check, we came to the conclusion that 95%-99% of traffic coming to the website of our client is somehow connected with the word “taobao”.

The next step would be to select the keywords which our client’s website is ranked for and is situated on 2-5 pages of Google.

As you can see the most interesting positions on the 5th page of Google are:

china online shopping international shipping

taobao shipping

Which conclusions can we make? The next words to pay attention would be online shopping, china, international shipping. In order to gain positions with those keywords, we should create landing pages containing materials about above-mentioned keywords.


In addition to the on-page SEO, it’s always necessary to take off-page promotion actions. 

We use the following: article writing and publishing, local citations, profile creation.

Below, you can see some examples.

We invite you to use our SEO services, get more traffic and sales!