How to improve the website conversion

The most important indicator of the success of your online business is conversions, that is, the percentage of website visitors that turn into buyers. For example, if out of 100 people who visited your website, one person made a purchase, the conversion will be 1%.
The owner of the site should always ask himself a question: how to increase the conversion.
It is absolutely clear that doubling the conversion raises the profitability of the business also by 2 times too. What are the ways to increase the level of conversion?

1. First of all, for the website visitor, it is important to understand where he is and who he is dealing with. Therefore, it is necessary to explain clearly who you are, why you can be trusted, what achievements you made and where you are at.

2. Any person thinks in a figurative way, it is much easier for him/her to assimilate information submitted in the form of pictures or video than in the form of text, and such information quickly and directly gets into the user’s consciousness in an unchanged form, that is exactly the way you wanted to present it.

3. The user who opens the website needs to spend for starters a minimum amount of time to get to the page that interests him. For example, it shouldn’t take him long to find out how to call you or send you a message.

4. Before a potential customer has a desire to buy something from you, he will have numerous objections: will he not be deceived, can he find the same cheaper, do you have enough experience, how quickly you will cope with the task, and so on. If you manage to immediately dismiss the objections, then consider that this will most probably be your client. But it must be done carefully. For example, just the statements that you are experienced, do not say anything to the client, while numerous customer reviews and active social profiles that have existed for many years do.

5. The client wants to be understood. Stand on the client’s side, penetrate his interests, and take a look at the situation from his position. Make it clear on your website that you are here to solve his problems, and not to rip him off.

6. Show your achievements accurately and clearly. Do not leave it foggy, everything should be specific and in figures: how many projects have been completed, how many u customers you have since that year, what was the volume of sales and so on. If you have awards, bonuses and so on – great, share this information too.

7. The main goal of conversion is to sell. This means that buying on your website should be very easy and fast, best of all – in one click.

8. Before making a purchase, the client is interested in you, he should learn more about you, and get to know you better. Publish interesting materials, detain a visitor on your site, and do not let him go to a competitor.

9. And do not forget that, as we indicated above, clients want to know who are they dealing with. They will be pleased if they know who is the owner of the business. Place information about yourself, about your team, with photos and a detailed description of work experience, education etc.

We wish your business high conversions!