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Optimization (SEO)

Optimization means make your website interesting and useful in the chosen theme. It's content must be clearly 
dedicated to the circle of questions which pretend to be answered. Be sure not to include rare and alien for the theme materials. Also don't create confusion. Headings, title and texts must say the same.

Text links

It is impossible to get to the top of search engines without text links. Text links mean a phrase clicking on which a visitor gets to your website from any other website. This text must correspond with the main theme of your website.

Authority links

In order to get authority from the point of view of search engines some powerful websites should point to your website. The fact that these solid websites refer to your website means that it worth attention and high rankings. Don't forget that those websites must be close thematically to your project.

To be ranked in Google

The progress of website in the world's largest search system is based on quality of this website. Quality means useful information, good technical conditions and 200+ factors. But the main thing is to give precious information to visitors.

Panda & Penguin

This is simple. These two friendly animals were born by Google in order to make the search of information better
for Google users and not offer them garbage websites instead of what they are searching for. If you are SEO specialist, just remember not to make unnatural things which would be soon  detected by Google. I mean that a bad website can never become the good one only because of great amount of texts (copied from other resources or created by robots) and thousands of backlinks from websites of doubtful quality. Create good content and build backlinks from solid websites of your theme and never mind about Panda & Penguin!

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