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Of course, we are not the only agency providing SEO services. In London, there are dozens of companies providing this type of service. Let’s talk about it. The aim of this article is to discover what is the market for SEO services in London.
According to Forbes, an estimated volume of US SEO market is around $£, it’s growth is equal to 5% per year: Source

We don’t have numbers for the UK but it’s possible to imagine that the volume per capita would be more or less the same. The population of the UK is 5 times less than that of the USA, so we can suggest that the volume of the UK SEO market is 5 times less than the US market. So, we have the number: £, it would be around £ per year. Since we are interested mainly in the London SEO services market, let’s calculate the number for the city. The population of Greater London is 7 times less than the entire population of the UK. In this case, we have an approximate volume of the SEO market of the UK capital, it is around £1.7 billion.
There are more than 1.000.000 companies registered in London:

Via: Inform Direct

If we divide £1.7 billion into 1 million companies we’d receive average SEO costs per company. It would be £1700 per year or £142 monthly that seems correct.
The conclusion is that the London SEO services market is a great one and very attractive for a big number of IT businessmen. 
If you need to hire an SEO agency in London beware that not all companies that claim to be based in London are really British and are really based in London.  Since the English language is the most popular in the world and there is an enormous number of SEO specialists on all continents, you can make a mistake hiring an agency thinking that it has its headquarters in London. IT specialists from Asia and Africa working in SEO companies can optimise their websites to get found by London users. They are really set in their countries and are working from there. How to be sure that you are dealing with a London agency if you don’t want to waste time for physical visits? You should check it on Google Maps. Here you can see an example:


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