SEO is still storing many secrets for many beginners, but even experienced internet users should constantly check those new things that appear in the web marketing world. We have made a list of 9 facts about SEO you perhaps never knew about.

At this moment, the question isn't whether we need to invest in mobile marketing, but - to what degree? Carrie Albright, the columnist, explains how marketers should work to increase their sales with smartphone optimization.

During many years the world of digital marketing has wondered: "Could this year be considered as the time of mobile phones?" But now it's already clear that the time of mobile technology has come, moreover, the "Mobile Crisis Epoch" is here to replace it. Now, instead of looking at the mobile audience's potential, we weigh the impact of our approach to smartphone optimization in terms of sales and revenue in the long run.

Daniil Monin, one of the mentors of the 404 Hub accelerator, St. Petersburg, and SEO specialist for more than 10 years, wrote about the promotion of content sites.

An eternal battle of good and evil always means the alternate dominance of each of them. Even in tales, though good traditionally triumphs over evil, dark forces always have their moments of triumph. For search engines, this evil is often the webmasters.

Google PenguinAt 23th of September 2016, after the appearance of the Penguin algorithm version 4.0, the website optimization changed.

While many webmasters were happy that a policeman capable of punishing disobedient competitors 24/7 has come, others fell under the blow of the changes, which have not necessarily been good.

Originally, the Penguin was created to help eliminate spam by identifying the off-site natural optimization signal. More precisely:

- Anchor distribution that attaches to this page should look natural.
- The quality of resources, where the link is placed, must be high.

Do you want to optimize your website for the local search? If you're not sure where you need to start, Ryan Shelley provides you with some interesting tips for beginners.

If you want to sell online (or even offline, locally), firstly you need to know that the search engines are a very good place to start. During the last years, I worked with a big number of different local companies helping them to rise their visits and revenue using SEO. But one of the most important hurdles that we had was the situation when we met with local companies that had problems in the past with so-called "SEO professionals". They’ve invested real money and didn't get any actual results. Consequently, a lot of local businesses now believe that SEO is just a scam or simply something that doesn't work.


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