SEO industry is continually developing. Some of those things we were doing five years ago to promote our website to the top don't work anymore, or even opposite - some of them can now harm your organic traffic and positions. Today, there are trends in internet marketing that are entirely new and seem crazy if we roll back to 2012 and look at them from there.

2018 has been a big year in SEO; mobile searches are now more often performed than the traditional desktop googling. Even more, in 2019 voice searches will become more and more popular. Currently, more than 20% of all mobile searches are made with voice, and this number is continuously rising.

The most important indicator of the success of your online business is conversions, that is, the percentage of website visitors that turn into buyers. For example, if out of 100 people who visited your website, one person made a purchase, the conversion will be 1%.
The owner of the site should always ask himself a question: how to increase the conversion.
It is absolutely clear that doubling the conversion raises the profitability of the business also by 2 times too. What are the ways to increase the level of conversion?

The search engines’ approach to website ranking changes constantly. Here you can find an information gathered from different sources, it reflexes the latest trends in web promotion and SEO industry.

SEO is still storing many secrets for many beginners, but even experienced internet users should constantly check those new things that appear in the web marketing world. We have made a list of ten facts about SEO you perhaps never knew about.

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